How to Prevent a Tree from Falling on a House: Best Practices


Falling trees can cause a great deal of damage. Fortunately, a few best practices when planting and caring for trees can help you avoid disaster.

Do you need tree service experts in Richardson, TX, or the surrounding area? 

Urban Arborist offers an extensive range of tree services for all your tree needs. Our experts recommend the following tips to help prevent a tree from falling on your house.

Don’t Underestimate Proper Tree Maintenance

Trees and branches require regular maintenance for various reasons. Hiring professional arborists to maintain your trees not only protects your property from falling trees but also increases the overall health of the trees. Arborists can help ensure all trees grow healthy and disease-free.

They can also prune your trees evenly, so they have good wind resistance on whichever side of the tree.

Remove DangerousTrees

Sometimes you have to remove a tree because of its unsuitable location. For example, you have to eliminate a tree located where it doesn’t have enough room to develop a proper root system. The same applies to trees in soggy soils.

Such harsh conditions result in trees with unhealthy roots that may fall during inclement weather.

Get Rid of Damaged or Dead Trees and Limbs

Dead or damaged trees pose the greatest risk of falling and damaging your property. Watch out for the following early signs of a dying tree and schedule tree removal as soon as possible:

  • Dead or falling branches
  • Dropped or deformed leaves
  • Tree leaning
  • Missing bark
  • Wilting
  • Stunted shoot growth

As licensed and experienced tree care experts, we can help you identify and remove all dead or damaged tree branches to improve your property’s safety.

Have Seasonal Tree Inspections

Consider hiring an arborist to assess your trees for stability before storm season. The inspection can give you peace of mind and save you from significant property damage. An arborist can spot problem areas and mitigate them to prevent a tree from falling on the house during ice storms, snow, or high winds.

Schedule a Tree Inspection After a Major Storm

Check your trees for damage after heavy snow, ice, or major wind events. Look for bent or broken branches and debris in the tree. While you can remove an easily accessible small damaged branch, call an expert for any damage to large or hard-to-reach branches.

Have a Planting Strategy

Making smart choices during the tree planting stage can help prevent problems down the road. First, make sure you understand the tree species that thrive in your area and know how big the tree’s canopy will be when it matures. That way, you’ll have healthy trees with sufficient space to grow without causing issues.

We can help you select the best trees to plant in your space.

Consider Cutting Large Branches

Branches can increase the risk of a tree falling once they get long enough, but an arborist can help you determine the best course of action. For instance, they may recommend reducing the length of a branch without removing it, capturing large branches before they fall, or installing cables between branches for added support.

Trees add aesthetic appeal to your yard, offer shade in the summer, provide privacy for your home, and can add value to your property. However, age, disease, or storms can turn them into a safety hazard. Hopefully, with the tips mentioned above, you now know how to prevent a tree from falling on a house.

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