Pros and Cons: Stump Removal vs. Stump Grinding in Rockwall, TX

For one reason or another, many homeowners have had to deal with losing a tree in their yard. A tree may need to be removed if a storm has severely damaged it, became diseased and died, or any other unfortunate end. When the tree removal process is complete, it is often the case that the tree stump is left behind.

Although some homeowners do not mind keeping a tree stump in their yard (and others can even incorporate it into their landscaping design), many feel compelled to remove the stump from their yard. For these individuals, our Rockwall, TX, tree service company, Urban Arborist, has two basic options: tree stump removal and stump grinding.

What Is Stump Removal?

As the name implies, tree stumps are completely removed from the ground, roots and all. Because the entire stump and root system are extracted from the ground using heavy equipment, no roots remain. When you remove a tree stump, you will be left with a large open space where the tree and its roots used to be, which you can fill with other plants or anything else you prefer.

Advantages of Tree Stump Removal

There are a few advantages to removing tree stumps that may benefit your yard. These benefits of having the stump of a tree removed include:

  • Being able to plant a new tree without having to concern yourself with the previous tree’s roots

  • Leaving no trace of the former tree, tree trunk, decaying stump, or tree roots.

  • Not having to clean up sawdust mess as you would with stump grinding

While these advantages are certainly attractive, tree service companies like ours should also inform you about a few drawbacks to the process when you remove tree stumps from a residential yard.

Drawbacks to Stump Removal

After a tree is cut down, the stump must be dealt with, and some homeowners will choose to have it removed. However, because of the difficulty of the process, the time it takes to complete the project, and the impact it can have on the surrounding landscape, it is not commonly used in a residential setting. Not to mention the massive hole it will leave in the yard after the removal, which the homeowner will have to deal with.

Our tree experts at Urban Arborist suggest that homeowners choose stump grinding rather than removal. We will frequently provide stump removal to commercial locations that do not have landscape design or other trees nearby for stump removal to disturb because it can leave such a large hole in the ground and disturb nearby trees and other plant life.

What Is Stump Grinding After Tree Removal?

Stump grinding is an excellent option for homeowners looking to get rid of an unsightly tree stump. Using a stump grinder, our team can take the leftover stump down to the ground level in a quick and efficient process.

The stump can be ground down to just an inch below the surface or multiple inches. Stump grinders are very effective on large or small stumps, and we are happy to discuss the entire procedure with you before we get started.

Advantages of Stump Grinding

Some of the primary advantages of stump grinding include:

  • The process is much faster than stump removal, so Urban Arborists can grind multiple stumps in one day, if necessary.

  • Stump grinding costs are much less than removal because it takes less time and uses lighter machinery, so professionals typically charge less.

  • You will not be left with a giant hole in your yard that you will have to figure out what to do with (or pay a professional to fill it in)

  • The resulting sawdust can be used as mulch throughout the rest of your landscaping.

Although no homeowner wants to lose formerly healthy trees, when the occasion arises to have tree removal done, stump grinding is a solid option.

Drawbacks of Stump Grinding

While stump grinding has many benefits, there are a few drawbacks. These are some examples:

  • The root system will remain in the ground, which may lead to root decay and unevenness in the yard itself.

  • The decay of the roots can also lead to infestations of insects and fungi, which thrive off the decomposing material. Some of these bugs and plants can be potentially harmful to other plant life and your children or pets.

  • Since the roots are in the ground, there is the potential that new sprouts for new trees could emerge from the stump. If you do not want another tree in the area, that could become a problem.

  • The stump grinder leaves plenty of sawdust that must be reused or cleaned.

Other methods of eliminating a tree stump include a controlled burning process and using chemicals to dissolve the stump. If you are interested in these options, discuss them with our tree care experts at Urban Arborist in Rockwall, Texas.

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Whether you have previously had a tree removed or this new concept, you must decide whether to have the stump removed or ground down. At Urban Arborist, we are experts in tree care and well-versed in all aspects of tree removal. We can grind stumps or remove them along with the roots, and we guarantee that you will be pleased with the results.

If you are a Rockwall, Texas, homeowner seeking a tree company to remove an old tree stump from your yard, contact Urban Arborist to learn more about your options. Call now for a free estimate.


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