Do I Need Permission to Remove a Tree?

do i need permission to remove a tree

No matter the reason it’s needed, tree removal presents a number of challenges for property owners in the Richardson, TX, area. With special restrictions on protected trees state-wide as well as restrictions for trees on public land and more, navigating the legality of tree removal only adds to the stress. 

You may want to know, “Do I need permission to remove hazardous trees from my property?” Fortunately, experts like our team at Urban Arborist can help. We provide top-notch tree service in Richardson and surrounding areas, and we want to empower you to make informed decisions about tree removal and more on your property. 

In this blog, we cover all you need to know about tree removal requirements in Richardson and the Dallas-Collins County area. To learn more about tree care and what we do at Urban Arborists, keep browsing our blog or reach out to us with your questions today. 

Tree Removal in the Dallas-Collins County Area

If you’re wondering, “Do I need permission to remove a tree on my property” the answer may not be so cut-and-dry. In Dallas and Collins counties, the legality of tree removal depends on various factors. 

Property Types

Dallas County places restrictions on the removal of trees that line public roadways or grow on public, commercial, or multi-family properties. These properties require special permits from county officials and may face other restrictions on their services, tree disposal, and more. 

If you feel unsure whether your property requires special tree and stump removal permits, consult with a trusted arborist in your area to learn more. 

Protected Trees

Texas has established a list of trees considered protected under law. Many counties have added to this list or placed restrictions on removing additional species of trees. Removing trees on restricted lists could result in fines and other repercussions from city officials. 

Your city arborists have detailed information regarding trees protected under Texas state law. 

Obtaining Permits

Obtaining permits in Richardson and the Dallas-Collins County area requires submitting the correction applications and other paperwork to designated city officials. 

Working with trained professional arborists and tree removal services helps eliminate the stress and research involved in tree removal permit application. 

Removing Trees Without Permits

Some property owners in Richardson and the surrounding area may not need a permit to safely and legally remove trees from their property. 

Invasive Tree Species 

In Texas, law and tree experts consider some tree species invasive and harmful to the environment. Removal of these trees does not require a permit, excepting special circumstances wherein tree removal may cause immediate or imminent damage to public property or may cause safety hazards. 

Trees considered invasive under Texas law include: 

  • Chinese tallow
  • Silver maple trees
  • Siberian elms
  • Black willow trees
  • Hackberry
  • Horseapple trees
  • And others

Tree identification requires detailed knowledge of tree leaf patterns, bark, and more. To learn the species of any tree on your property, schedule a consultation with an arborist in your city. 

Single-Family Properties

Private property owners who manage single-family or duplex lots may remove trees and stumps without an official permit. These properties must have one living residence or duplex and must be under 2 acres in size.

Trained tree professionals can determine whether your tree species or property type requires you to obtain permits from city officials for tree removal.  

Dependable Professional Tree Removal in Richardson

If you need to remove a diseased, unsightly, or dead tree from your property, don’t wait. Reduce the risk of downed limbs and other hazards by scheduling timely removal services with Urban Arborist. 

During your consultation, you can learn about the benefits of tree trimming services, planting species native to Texas, and so much more. Get started by calling Urban Arborist at 214-674-6709 today. 


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