Subsidence Caused by Trees: What You Need To Know

subsidence caused by trees

Subsidence caused by trees risks damaging your home, business, and property. Expansive tree roots grow underneath your property in search of water, a process that leaves your trees beautifully green and your soil dry and cracked.

For those with clay soil, growing tree roots put tremendous pressure on areas of the ground compromised by constant expansion. Subsidence causes house foundations to weaken and, in severe cases, the complete collapse of structures.

If you think trees cause subsidence on your property, reach out to a reliable tree company in Richardson for more information. Continue reading to learn more about the subsidence caused by trees and how you can prevent damage to your property. 

What Is Subsidence? 

Subsidence caused by trees refers to the weakening of soil caused by expanding tree roots. As trees age, the roots grow immensely, sometimes three times the height of the tree in length. Roots seek water to support the life of the growing trees underneath the ground deep within the soil. Subsidence occurs when soil sinks, lacking the proper moisture to support organic life and structures on the o-horizon (topsoil layer). 

Trees growing in clay soil most often cause subsidence, as clay soil expands and shrinks more readily as seasons change. Other signs of trees causing subsidence include: 

  • Structural damage to buildings
  • Nearby trees planted too close to your home 
  • Diagonal cracks forming on the interior and exterior walls of your home
  • Mining operations have occurred on your property 
  • Soil erosion caused by alternating wet and dry seasonal changes 

Contact your local arborist immediately if you notice any subsidence caused by trees. Load-bearing support structures of your home collapse, underground water lines burst, and the foundation of your home deteriorates if subsidence caused by trees persists.

If your property lacks insurance for subsidence damage, damage to property due to subsidence comes out of the homeowner’s pocket. Ensure your homeowner’s insurance covers subsidence to avoid paying thousands of dollars for repairs. 

 How To Avoid Subsidence Caused by Trees

The most effective way to avoid subsidence caused by trees requires the help of trained professionals. Local arborists examine your type of soil, investigate tree roots under your property, and determine if your trees cause subsidence on your property. Other ways to prevent subsidence caused by trees include: 

  • Prune and cut trees to avoid moisture dissipation from the soil 
  • Plant grass or install gravel beds around your home to assist with moisture drainage
  • Plant trees further away from your home
  • Regularly check for cracked and damaged pipes 

Protecting your home from subsidence starts with preventive measures. Always check your house’s foundation for cracks, compromised utility lines, and uneven soil to spot signs of subsidence. 

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