Do Mature Trees Need Watering?

Do mature trees need watering? Yes, sometimes. Established trees have an extensive root radius and can keep themselves going when rain is plentiful. 

However, during a drought, your trees may need a helping hand. Water your mature trees if it hasn’t rained in a month or longer. Find a Richardson tree service company if you need help with your tree’s watering requirements. 

When Is the Right Time to Water? 

You should only water mature trees during drier seasons. A great way to tell if you should water is by using the screwdriver method. 

To use this method, take an eight-inch screwdriver and drive it into the soil. If you have trouble, the earth is too dry. If the screwdriver goes in easily, then don’t water. 

The ideal time to water is early morning because the heat won’t evaporate it as quickly. Watering at this time gives the tree roots time to absorb the water. During a hot summer, watering during the day could burn the root system. For best results, water very early in the morning. 

Different tree species require varying levels of water. Fruit trees, for example, need more regular watering to maximize fruiting. Overwatering will harm or kill mature trees, so speak to a professional if you’re unsure. 

How to Water Your Mature Trees

Do mature trees need watering? Yes, if you use the proper techniques. If hardscaping covers some of the root ends, you must water where you can reach as thoroughly as possible. 

Young trees prefer water closer to the trunk because their roots haven’t had time to develop a further reach. Established trees have a far-reaching root system and absorb water best when you thoroughly water the entire drip line and beyond. 

Water deeply and slowly. A good rule of thumb is ten gallons of water per trunk diameter inch. The water needs time to seep into the soil, so slowly adding it throughout the root system is best. 

The best watering technique is as follows:

  • Use a soaker hose. Spiral the hose around the tree’s trunk, leaving at least four feet from the trunk. 
  • Turn on the hose and give it enough time to soak the soil deeply. The water should seep at least 12-18 inches into the earth.  

The deeper the water soaks into the soil, the further your tree roots will go. Deep watering is ideal, as healthy roots strengthen trees. Water deeply and no more than once a week for maximum benefits.

When to Call a Professional

Give your tree a deep watering once a week during the drier months to maintain its health. A well-watered tree can better defend itself from disease, infections, and pests. 

Contact a professional arborist for advice if you have questions about your watering techniques. Know the proper tree spacing to understand your tree’s other requirements. 

If you need a personalized answer to the question, “Do mature trees need watering,” contact Urban Arborist at (214) 674-6709 and request a consultation in Richardson, TX. 

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